Bug Marathon, Dhaka

An awesome experience!


Behind the scene :

The first thing I knew about upcoming Bug Marathon Dhaka, that it was going to be an event full of fun and enjoyable one. But never thought that it would become so exciting like I never had seen before!

Plannings from long ago, so many meetings on air, spending nights on thinking about the event and thinking about how to make it more awesome!

Contributors and mentors were working so hard to make it a successful one. Everyone was sharing ideas with each other and writing on etherpad to know the thoughts of others.

Last day before the event was a memorable one. Me and Asif Mahmud was out of home almost full day to collect things for the following day and worked whole night to make some wonderful materials for the event and participants


Let's begin!

Day 1 :

Finally the day was in front of our eyes. It was all real. Bug Marathon, Dhaka was live. I can't express the feeling I had felt then.


Venue was in the Independent University, Bangladesh(IUB). It all began with the introduction of Mozilla and QA in mozilla from Hossain Al Ikram, Mozilla Reps and our QA community lead in Bangladesh. Then participants were given a brief of what we were gonna do on those two days. First of all, that day was Firefox 47 Beta 3 testday

Hossain Al Ikram was taking the session and mentors from Mozilla QA community, Bangladesh were helping participants so that no one face any problem

Hossain Al Ikram, while taking session

Blue-red signals!

One of the most awesome things of this bug marathon was blue-green signals!

Every participants were given a signal flag with one blue side and one red side. They were told that blue means positive and red means negative. If anyone faces any problem understanding anything or anyone not positive about anything then he/she can simply raise his/her flags red side. And If they're positive about anything or understood everything then they should raise the blue side.

The result was pretty colorful!

blue-green flags!
blue-green flags!

Mentors introduced participants with Mozilla's archive, Bugzilla, Testday, Triage Day, Bug verification etc. Everything went well. End of the day we took some awesome group pics.

Group photo!

Day 2 :

Second day starts with heavy rain from the morning till mid day. Though we had fun coming to the venue under heavy rain! Also experienced some minor accidents in road. But finally the day 2 was full of fun!

Hossain Al Ikram bro gave lots of chocolates, candy etc. as a recognition for finding bugs in firefox builds.

I got some too!


Then he taught to write bug comments in bugzilla as commenting in bugs at bugzilla is not that easy.

Then it was time for swags!!!

I got my mozilla t-shirt!!!

precious, my precious!

After the formal learning part of the event, it was time to enjoy and capture moments. We captured lot's of moments of bug marathon. No one will ever forget this event. It was an awesome experience to attend there!


Mozilla QA Bangladesh is not just a community, we're a family, we have an strong bond and amazing power of friendship that made us more closer than ever. That is why we're able to come this far and will continue to go further!




Thanks to them all who helped to make this happen!



"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"