Moz Activate, AIUB

Lots of excitement!


[It all began with a message from Salman Rahman Desh Bhaiya regarding an event at their university. He said that AIUB firefox club was gonaa arrange an event on web compatibility and firefox test pilot.]

So, this is it!

As a part of new campaign of mozilla about web compatibility and firefox test pilot, firefox club of AIUB a.k.a American International University Bangladesh organised an event.

I liked the gate of the venue.

Event was started after about all the participants had reached at the venue. First session was mine and that was a small session on web compatibility

I talked about several things related web. like-

  • What is web?
  • Why web is important?
  • Web now and then...
  • Open source
  • Firefox browser
  • Web compatibility
  • Compatibility of sites in different browsers etc.


Then it was turn of other speakers to share their knowledge and they did great!

Whole event was full of new things and new experiences.

Other speakers talked on these topics as far as I can remember-

  • Web compat site
  • Compatibility issue/bug report
  • Responsive Website
  • Compatibility in different Browsers
  • Standard browsers
  • mozilla
  • firefox
  • Topics of firefox test pilot-

  • Firefox Test Pilot
  • What is test pilot add-ons of firefox?
  • How to install test pilot?
  • How to test/use it?
  • Page shot
  • Tab center
  • Min vid
  • No more 404s
  • Tracking protection
  • How to report issues of test pilot? etc.

Participants were so much interested to know and learn about those things we talked about and it was really awesome to see such a lot of people showing their interest in web!

Thanks a lot to AIUB firefox club for arranging such beautiful event!

Salman Rahman Desh, Khalid Syfullah, Faysal Alam Riad, Nazmus Shakib Robin, Sauradeep Dutta, Shanjida Himi, Tasmia Arnat Eva, Zayed News and others did really hard work to make it happen.

Hats of to you, guys!

Group photo! Yes, me and Desh bhaiya behind everyone -_-

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