QA Marathon, Dhaka

Life's first event of mozilla!

"QA Marathon of Dhaka", that's all I knew when I first registered for the event. I didn't know that this was going to be one of the most rememberable memory of my life. It was a 2 day long event where everything was totally new for me. And I was like getting surprised each and every moment of the event. I was speechless.

A few days ago, may be about a month ago before the event, while using firefox in my laptop, I found out that we can volunteer in mozilla.

That was pretty interesting for me as I was a freshman of university, recently got admitted in computer science department and was trying to improve my tech knowledge and skills.

I was browsing the sites of mozilla, all on a sudden I saw that some volunteers arrange events on various topics in many countries from mozilla. A thought came to my mind that if there's any event in Bangladesh!

Later I learned that, it was Reps Portal I was browsing.

After searching a while, I saw an event in Bangladesh and the host is a man named Hossain Al Ikram. I clicked on his name and searched for any way to contact with him. The found out that there's a site named where mozillians get connected with each other. I got social ID of Hossain Al Ikram from there and knocked him to know about mozilla and to attend in their event.

A few days later he invited me to the QA Marathon, Dhaka where the journey begins...

Day-1 :

It took place at University of Liberal arts Bangladesh, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

At the day-1, we did some trials on finding bugs. We tested youtube with firefox dev edition, did some tasks from one and done, tested compatibility of add ons with firefox nightly in e10s and non e10s mood. Some of us did very well indeed.

I couldn't find any bug or error though, but learned a lot. Learned about mozilla stumbler for the first time. Session of Rebecca Billings via video call was enjoyable too.

After completing first day, I thought now I know everything about mozilla :p
But I didn't know, that was only beginning of a big journey.

Day-2 :

The real fun was in day-2. In the day-2, we did real bug finding works. And belive me, it was more exciting then any kinds of video games or any thrilling novels.

we learned about bugzilla, how to submit bugs in bugzilla, bug triage etc. Everything was so much awesome. Enjoyed the whole process. In the evening there came guests from foreign country via video chat. They gave some nice lectures. Working with firefox OS simulator was nice. Tested some functions of firefox mobile OS.

Me and the mozilla bag!

And Winning mozilla bag as a recognition of contribution in mozilla was also an awesome memory of my life. Also got some stickers for answering questions, mozilla stumbler points etc.

It was an event to remember!

group photo!

"We're too soon old and too late smart"